Psalm 119:161-168 What to do When Unfairly Attacked

Psalm 119:161-168

Lord, what about when I am in the middle of unwarranted persecution? When I’ve done nothing at all to deserve the affliction I’m enduring? When people attack me for no reason? When I’ve done all the right things and life is still difficult? What then, Lord?

That is the question of this portion of psalm 119 (v 161). And the answer sounds awfully familiar.

In the midst of unwarranted persecution:

• we rejoice (v 162)
• we praise (v 164)
• we have {GREAT} peace (v 165)
• we hope (v 166)
• we obey (v 167-168)

Whatever the trial – may our response be the same because our God is still the same.

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