Psalm 119:137- I am small, but God is not.

Psalm 119:137-144

I’m on the road this morning so my page is a little less decorative and my coffee is to-go, but the Word is as lovely as ever.

The psalmist looks at himself and sees:

• small (v 141)
• despised (v 141)
• troubled (v 143)
• in anguish (v 143)

And, here’s the thing, it’s all true. But it’s not an accurate portrayal of the entire situation. If we only see our circumstances through the lens of who we are – girl, it won’t look good.

But, in the same breath, the psalmist declares who he knows God to be:

• righteous (v 137)
• right / just (v 137)
• faithful (v 138)
• well tried / proven true (v 140)
• true (v 142)
• delightful (v 143)
• life (v 144)

Do you see how the attributes of God far outweigh the attributes of man? Whatever you’re dealing with today – it is not too much for him. You are not too much for him.

The Lord is on your side.

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