Psalm 119:113-120 Three Hs for Your Hard Days

Psalm 119:113-120

I woke up this morning to a gray day which the weather lady described as dreary and dismal. Aren’t the morning weather people supposed to be a bit more encouraging? 🤷‍♀️

Thankfully, I get my encouragement from Scripture and not television.

If this day holds a bit of gray for you, today’s reading gives 3 things we can keep on doing on the dreariest, weariest of days.

  1. Hiding (v 114): the Lord is our hiding place, our place of protection, source of safety, and a place to pause in the midst of chaos
  2. Hoping (v 114): our hope is found in God’s Word, we can cling to his promises, we can trust in his faithfulness, our hope is never misplaced when placed in him
  3. Holding (v 116-117): the Lord will hold us up, keep us steady, fulfill his promises, we belong to him

Hide when you need to, friend. Never quit hoping. Keep holding on.

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