Psalm 119:65-72 Five Lessons from Affliction

Psalm 119:65-72

Affliction – not a fun topic – but a familiar one nonetheless.

Today, we see five positive aspects of affliction.

  1. Affliction is sometimes a kindness from the Lord that brings us back to his side (v 67).
  2. Affliction can drive us back to the study of God’s Word (v 71).
  3. Affliction can have lasting positive effects (it is good – present tense – that I was – past tense.) Even now, the psalmist sees the good in past affliction (v 71).
  4. Affliction can be a lens through which we see and are reminded of the goodness of God (v 68) when we see his provision and presence in the midst of our pain.
  5. Affliction can be a great learning experience if we let it (v 71).

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