Psalm 119:9-16 Eight Ways to Keep My Way Pure

Psalm 119:9-16

How can I keep my way pure (v 9)?

Pure: morally clean, cleansed, to speak justly, to acquit

How can I keep my way (my attitudes and actions) pure and just?

• seek the Lord with my whole heart – with all that I am (v 10)
• to store up God’s Word in my heart (v 11)
• have a heart that is teachable (v 12)
• continually speak God’s Word aloud – to myself and others (v 13)
• find my delight in the Word and not the world (v 14, 16)
• meditate on God’s Word – think about it throughout my day (v 15)
• fix my eyes on God’s ways (v 15)
• do not forget God’s Word – preach the gospel to myself daily (v 16)

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