Psalm 119:1-8 Attitudes and Actions

Psalm 119:1-8

{We will take this psalm by segments bc it’s all so amazing and we don’t want to miss any of it.}

When we study God’s Word – it changes our attitudes and our actions.

Blessed are those who seek him with their whole heart (inward), who ALSO do no wrong but walk in his way (outward) – v 2.

Blessed are those who…

ATTITUDES (inward)
• keep his testimonies
• seek him with their whole heart
• fix their eyes on his commandments
• praise him with an upright heart
• learn his righteous rules
• keep his statutes

Who also…

ACTIONS (outward)
• have a way that is blameless
• walk in the law of the Lord
• keep his testimonies
• do no wrong
• walk in his ways
• remain steadfast
• keep his statutes

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