Psalm 115: Idols Are Heavy

Psalm 115

Sometimes life is heavy. And, yet, Jesus says that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. How is it that we find ourselves living as if the weight of the world was on our shoulders?

Here’s the thing. Idols are heavy.

• are man made and must, therefore, be cared for by man (v 4).
• do not speak and we can not communicate with them (v 5).
• don’t hear us and, so, we can’t cry out to them when we are in need (v 6).
• don’t move and can not carry us (v 7). We must carry them.

Idols become burdens that must be carried around on weary shoulders.

So, when we find ourselves weary and worn, we can ask ourselves, “What excess baggage am I carrying around?”

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