Psalm 113: Up, Up, and Away

Psalm 113

What has you down today?

I know, we could all produce a laundry list of things. Everything is heavy right now.

Aren’t you glad that the Lord lifts us up? Everything about God is up. He is a lifter of spirits. And of burdens. He draws our gazes and our hearts upward.

The Lord is:

• high (v 4)
• above (v 4)
• seated on high (v 5)
• looking down to us (v 6) – which means we must look up to him
• the one who raises the poor (v 7)
• the one who lifts up the needy (v 7)
• taking us from poverty to royalty (v 8)
• taking us from alone to a home (v 9)

Praise the Lord! (V 1, 9)

Keep those eyes raised, friends.

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