Psalm 111: Some Truth for Today

Psalm 111

The world is a little wonky right now. (That may be a made up word but I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.)

Everything is uncertain. No one is sure of what to do. People are scared. And that is just the pandemic.

In the meantime, as individuals, we are all dealing with personal trials. Job loss. Sickness. Divorce. Prodigal children. Relationship pain. Family drama. Loss of loved ones.

In a world that is shaken, today’s psalm gives us some things that are sure. I would encourage you to turn off the news and grab hold of one of these truths. One of them, no doubt, speaks to your situation.

The Lord

• does great things (v 2)
• is full of splendor and majesty (v 3)
• is righteous (v 3)
• is gracious (v 4)
• is merciful (v 4)
• is a faithful provider (v 5)
• keeps his promises (v 5)
• is faithful and just (v 7)
• is true to his word (v 7)
• keeps his word forever (v 8)
• has sent redemption to us (v 9)
• is holy and awesome (v 9)

Do you know what the Lord is not? He is not uncertain, unsure, scared, or shaken. He is still very much in control of his creation.

What truth are you holding onto today?

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