Psalm 107: For Your Day of Distress

Psalm 107

There are four groups of people described in this psalm.

GROUP 1 (v 4-9)
• wandering
• in a dry, lifeless place
• can’t find a way out
• hungry, thirsty, weary

GROUP 2 (v 10-16)
• rebelled
• rejected God’s Word
• the rebellion and rejection led to pain, affliction, and imprisonment
• they have found themselves in a place where no one is willing / able to help

GROUP 3 (v 17- 22)
• foolish
• had sinful ways
• suffered pain and affliction as a direct result of their sin
• their sin led them to death’s door

GROUP 4 (v 23-32)
• just going about their business
• successful
• have witnessed the awesome deeds of the Lord
• they encounter an unexpected storm
• they’re scared and lose their courage

We can all relate to one or more of these groups. Haven’t we all, at some point in our lives, been weary or rebellious or foolish or scared?

Here’s the great news. No matter which group we find ourselves – the solution is the same.

Group 1 cried to the Lord (v 6.)

Group 2 cried to the Lord (v 13.)

Group 3 cried to the Lord (v 19.)

Group 4 cried to the Lord (v 28.)

Which ever group we are in today – the Lord hears our cries and is willing and able to deliver us.

…and he delivered them from their distress (v 6, 13, 19, 28).

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