Psalm 106: God Loves You

Psalm 106

This psalm listed the countless iniquities of the people and, if I’m honest, a couple of them hit too close to home.

• they did not consider the wondrous works of the Lord
• they did not remember that they were loved by the Lord
• they did not wait on his counsel – they were impatient
• they had wanton cravings – they desired things they ought not desire
• they put God to the test
• they were jealous
• they made and worshipped idols
• they forgot God
• they despised the pleasant land – they were ungrateful
• they had no faith
• they murmured – they were complainers
• they did not obey the Lord
• they yoked themselves to false gods
• they angered the Lord
• they caused others to sin
• they were rebellious

Now that is some kind of list. Can’t we all find ourselves somewhere in that list?

But there’s good news – gospel kind of good news. Because, in this very same psalm, we see God’s response to the people’s iniquities.

• saved them
• rebuked the sea for them
• led them
• redeemed them
• turned his wrath away from them
• stayed the plague
• delivered them – many times
• saw their distress
• heard their cries
• remembered his promise to them
• relented bc of his love for them

You see, the people forgot that they were loved, but God never forgot that he loved them.

And he hasn’t forgotten that he loves you.

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