Psalm 105: A To-do List for Today

Psalm 105

What’s on your to-do list for this beautiful Saturday?

How about:

• Be grateful
• Be prayerful
• Be vocal (with your praise)

Verse 1 is the perfect list for today, don’t you think? But we also have verse 4!

• Seek the Lord
• Seek his strength
• Seek his presence

Then, if verses 1 and 4 don’t keep us busy, we have verse 8!

• Remember his works
• Remember his miracles
• Remember his judgements

What if we were all working from the same to-do list? ♥️ Let’s make this an amazing day by being grateful, prayerful, and full of praise while seeking the Lord, his strength, and his presence and remembering all that he has done.

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