Psalm 98: Worthy of Worship

Psalm 98

There is something beautiful and peaceful about worshipping an unchanging and consistent God in an ever changing and inconsistent world.

Our worship:

• should be filled with song (v 1)
• should be fresh and new (v 1)
• is warranted bc God has done marvelous things (v 1)
• is due b/c the Lord has made known to us the way to salvation (v 2)
• is to the One who has revealed his righteousness (v 2)
• is directed to the One who has shown us steadfast love and faith (v 3)
• should be joyful (v 4)
• can be with musical instruments (v 5)
• should be celebratory (v 6)
• is joined with all of creation’s worship (v 7-8)
• is in anticipation of the Lord’s return (v 9)

Our God is worthy of worship.

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