Psalm 92: It is Good

Psalm 92

👉 It is good to:

give thanks to the Lord and to sing his praises (v 1)

declare the Lord’s love and speak of his faithfulness (v 2)

👉 It is good because the Lord:

makes us glad (v 4)

does great things and has deep thoughts (v 5)

is on high forever (v 8)

is victorious (v 9)

strengthens and refreshes us (v 10)

protects us (v 11)

is upright, is a rock, and has no unrighteousness in him (v 15)

👉 When we live lives of praise and gratitude – acknowledging the Lord in all our ways – we find that the righteous:

flourish and grow – long term (v 12)

are planted and not easily moved (v 13)

bear fruit even in old age – don’t grow weary in well doing (v 14)

remain full of life and vitality – constantly being fed and watered by the Word (v 14)

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