Psalm 86: Lord, I’m Yours

Psalm 86

I love how David began this psalm.

“Lord, I’m poor and I’m needy but I’m yours.”

Don’t you love that?

Lord, I’m weary and I’m weak but I’m yours.

Lord, I’m broken and I’m bitter but I’m yours.

Lord, I’m stressed and I’m scared but I’m yours.

Sweet friends, the Lord isn’t afraid of your feelings. You’re not too much for him. Not too needy. He can handle it.

Not only can he handle your feelings, he can also:

• hear you, answer you (vs 1)
• preserve you, save you (vs 2)
• be gracious to you (vs 3)
• gladden you (vs 4)
• listen to you (vs 6)
• teach you (vs 11)
• strengthen you (vs 16)
• show you favor (vs 17)

Don’t hold back. Pour your heart out. Cast your cares. Unload the burden. Cry out.

You belong to the Lord and he is willing and able to care for you.

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