Psalm 85: The Lord Speaks Peace

Psalm 85

vs 8

Let me hear…

Because the Lord WILL speak…

And he will speak peace…

Those words were loud in my spirit this morning. So often I’m desperate to hear from the Lord and can’t understand why I can’t hear him. Or wonder how I am supposed to discern his voice from the world’s voice from my own voice.

This morning, I’m asking myself two questions.

  1. What can prevent me from hearing from the Lord?

• distraction
• unforgiveness
• busyness
• my own voice
• pain
• sin
• not being in the Word

  1. What will the Lord NOT speak to his people?

• chaos
• shame
• confusion
• anything contrary to Scripture
• rejection
• condemnation

The Lord will speak peace to his people – a peace that can penetrate our pain – if we will simply be still and listen.

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