Psalm 78: Pass it on.

Psalm 78

This is one of those psalms that we could all read and each of us unearth a different gem. It’s so full. {Side note: that is why small group Bible study is so amazing.}

The psalmist begins by describing the process of passing on the law or Scripture from one generation to the next. He then tells us why this is important.

👉 Why do we need to testify or tell about the Words and works of God?

  1. So that our children will place their hope in God (v 7.)
  2. So that our children will remember what the Lord has done (v 7.)
  3. So that our children will obey the Lord (v 7.)
  4. So that our children will remain steadfast and faithful in their walk with the Lord (v 8.)

Our children need to hear our stories of trials and triumphs.

👉 What does this psalm teach me about God?

  1. God is consistent in his care for us (v 22-27.)
  2. God is compassionate (v 38.)
  3. God is in control (v 68, 70.)

👉 A nugget that stood out to me and I am carrying with me today:

God is lavish in his love for us. He longs to be gracious to us. He provides above and beyond what we think we need.

He sent them food IN ABUNDANCE (v 25.)

They ate and were WELL FILLED (v 29.)

Happy Friday, sweet friends. You are loved.

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