Three Ps of Bible Study

Three Ps of Bible Study

  1. Have a plan.

The hunt and peck method of Bible reading doesn’t work. It is difficult to be consistent doing it that way and it is very easy to take verses out of context. Pick a book, a topic, a person, etc.

  1. Have a purpose.

Why are you reading the Bible? To check a box? To impress others? If so, you’ll never be consistent and you’ll never be changed. The purpose of Bible study is not information, but transformation. We want to know God more and be more like Christ.

  1. Have a person (who holds you accountable.)

I have been more consistent in the last 150 days or so than possibly ever before in my life. I attribute this totally to my dear friend, @marybethcarlisle , who agreed to journal through the Bible with me. Every morning we send each other a pic of our pages. Sometimes with commentary – and sometimes not – but just the exchanging of thoughts has been so helpful in my pursuit of God.

Plan, Purpose, Person.

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