Psalm 77: In the day of my trouble …

Psalm 77

In the day of my trouble…

Aren’t we all a little too familiar with days of trouble? Have you ever wondered, “What am I supposed to do?”

Yeah, me too.

In this psalm, the psalmist gives us some really great, practical things to do and remember in our day of trouble.

• Cry out to God (v 1)
• Remember that God hears our cries (v 1)
• Continue seeking the Lord (v 2)
• Do not grow weary in prayer (v 2)
• Remind ourselves of past times of worship (v 6)
• Examine ourselves to see if there are attitudes and actions that need to be repented of and changed (v 9)
• Remember the wonderful deeds of the Lord (v 11)
• Remember that God’s ways are always holy, just, and trustworthy (v 13)
• Remember that God still works wonders (v 14)
• Look for (and be grateful for) people God used to help you on your day of trouble (v 20)

Whatever troubles our days hold – God is still God. He is still working wonders. He is still hearing prayers. He is still sending helpers. He is still worthy of worship. He is still holy and just and trustworthy and mighty and faithful.

Today, remind yourself, God is still God.

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