Psalm 71: 4 Things to do When Your Strength is Spent

Psalm 71

The heading for this psalm reads “Forsake me not when my strength is spent.” Anyone else feel like their strength is spent? Like you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired? Like you have nothing else to give?

And all God’s people said…

Thankfully, in this psalm, the psalmist gives us 4 things to do when life feels overwhelming.

  1. Continually come (vs 3). God never tires of us coming to him. He never rolls his eyes when we come yet again with the same need. He doesn’t close the blinds and pretend he’s not home. Our need is never a nuisance to him because he cares for us.
  2. Continually praise (vs 6.) Our natural tendency is pity, but we must choose praise. God is still worthy of our praise even in the midst of our pain.
  3. Continually hope (vs 14.) Don’t give up. This thing does not end here. The best is yet to come. You’re almost there. Do the next thing. Take the next step. Crawl if you must. Hold on to hope.
  4. Continually testify (vs 24.) Look for the good – it is there. Count your blessings – out loud and often. Remind yourself and others of what you know to be true of God.

You’re not alone in your weariness, sister. Whatever you’re feeling – we all say a hearty, “me, too.” But there are things we can do – actions we can take – that will move us forward and help get us unstuck.

Come, praise, hope, and testify and, one day, we’ll be on the other side.

You are so loved.

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