Psalm 69: The Three Rs of Trouble

Psalm 69

It matters that we suffer well.

There is a broken world watching and they need to know that all the promises and words of intended comfort we threw their way when they were in pain are still true when the pain is personal.

This psalm serves as a wonderful guide to help us through very dark circumstances.

The Three Rs of Trouble:

👉 The Reality

• unsteady vs 2
• overwhelmed vs 2
• weary vs 3
• broken vs 3
• waiting vs 3
• outnumbered vs 4
• attacked vs 4
• slandered vs 4
• abandoned vs 7
• rejected vs 7
• mocked vs 12
• distressed vs 17
• broken-hearted vs 20
• despair vs 20
• given no mercy vs 21
• afflicted vs 29
• in pain vs 29

👉 The Response

• prayer vs 13
• patience vs 13
• praise vs 30

👉 The Result

• God is pleased vs 31
• fellow believers are encouraged vs 32

Lord, help us to suffer well. Strengthen and guide us so that our lives exalt you and encourage those around us.

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