Psalm 59: God Shows Up and Shows Love

Psalm 59

David had an enemy who was:

• rising up against him
• working evil
• bloodthirsty
• always lying in wait
• stirring up strife
• against him w/o reason
• relentless
• arrogant

I’m discouraged just thinking about such an enemy. Sadly, we have all probably experienced some of these things.

Aren’t you glad we (and David) have a God who:

• is a fortress
• will meet us
• is a shield
• is our strength
• is our refuge
• shows us love

The two that really spoke to me were that:

  1. God shows up. When people avoid, ignore, or disappoint – God will meet me (vs 10.) He is never too busy. There isn’t anything or anyone more important that he needs to tend to before me. When I call – he always answers.
  2. God shows love (vs 17.) While people may say one thing and do another – God’s actions always align with his person and God is love (1 John 4:8.)

Whatever heaviness or heartache you may experience – you can know that God shows up and shows love.

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