Psalm 56: This I Know

Psalm 56

David was attacked, afraid, and abandoned. Folks were twisting his words, stalking him, and causing strife. Just as his anxiety seems to be running away with him – he stops.

This I know… vs 9

Our hope comes from what we know.

David knew that God was for him (vs 9.)

David knew God’s Word (vs 10.)

David knew God was trustworthy (vs 11.)

By reminding himself of what he knew to be true, David was able to choose faith over fear (vs 11.)

The author of Lamentations came to the same conclusion after describing his affliction as so unbearable that he couldn’t even remember what happiness felt like.

He said, “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope” (Lamentations 3:21.)

He then listed all of the things that he knew to be true of God. It was the things he knew that brought him home.

We need to know some truths about God. And we need to know them on the front end – before going into battle – so that we can call them to mind in the midst of the battle.

👉 What do you know to be true of God?

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