Psalm 52: God is Faithful

Psalm 52

David was certain of two things.

  1. The evil would be uprooted (vs 5.)
  2. The righteous would flourish (vs 8.)

He didn’t know all of the details. He didn’t know the timeline. He didn’t know what it would look like in his present situation.

What he did know was that God was faithful. And so he did three things.

  1. He trusted God (vs 8.)
  2. He thanked God (vs 9.)
  3. He waited on God (vs 9.)

👉 I will thank you forever because you have done it (vs 9.)

Do you see it? I will (future tense) thank you because you have (past tense) done it. Whatever you need – God has already handled it.

God knows what you need (Matthew 6:32.)

God knows how to take care of his children (2 Peter 2:9.)

God is committed to caring for you (Isaiah 46:4.)

Take a breath. Take a break.

God has you.

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