Psalm 41: Ultimate Betrayal vs Ultimate Blessing

Psalm 41

As I read this psalm this morning, I was struck by the painful betrayal David experienced.

His close friend whom:
• he trusted
• had eaten his bread
betrayed him.

Later, in Psalm 55, David describes betrayal by someone who used to join him in worship.

I mentioned this in the squares last week – the special relationships that bond over worship and bread. Are we ever more open (and open to betrayal) than when we worship and when we eat?

And it was David’s bread they were eating (vs 9.) This close friend had spent time in David’s home. Those intimate and unexpected betrayals cause wounds that go deep.

And, so, I’m thinking this morning of you, friend, who know too well this type of pain. Those who have felt the sting of betrayal by dear friend, spouse, child, parent, mentor – those who should have been a safe place but weren’t.

There are two truths that I pray bring you comfort:

  1. Jesus knows the pain of intimate betrayal. He quotes David’s words in verse 9 when describing Judas whose betrayal paved the way to the cross. What you are feeling? Jesus knows.
  2. In the face of ultimate betrayal, God offers ultimate blessing – his presence forever (vs 12.) Whatever your experience with earthly relationships – your Heavenly Father will never leave you, forsake you, abandon you, give up on you, walk away from you, turn his back on you, give you the cold shoulder, betray you.

He is the God who stays, sweet one.

👉 Listen to The God Who Stays by Matthew West.

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