The Small Things

The longer I live – the more mistakes I make – the more parenting I do…the more grace I have for everyone else doing this thing called life.

The more I realize that everyone is doing the best they can and, sometimes, good enough is good enough.

As a parent, it’s easy to focus on the mistakes and miss the memories. But kids are creatures of grace and they see things through a different lens.

For instance, I’m never going to go to an ice cream shop and not get butter pecan. Because I have a thousand and one ordinary, every day, run of the mill memories of my dad eating it.

I will never let a Christmas season go by without watching White Christmas and Holiday Inn because they will forever make me think of my mom.

It’s the little things, y’all. It really is. Just be faithful in the little things of life and one day, looking back, you’ll realize how big they actually were.

#memories #parenting #motherhood #childhood #reminiscing #family #smallthings

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