Psalm 40: Blessings of Belonging to the Lord

Psalm 40

The Lord is so good.

He hears his children (vs 1.) And it’s an active listening. He inclined – leaned in – like a parent kneeling to a child’s level to listen.

He delivers us and then puts us in a safe place so that we don’t have to fall back into the same pit from which he rescued us (vs 2.)

He causes us to celebrate different things (vs 3.) The things that brought us joy before Christ are not the things that bring us joy now. A new song plays within our heart.

The Lord thinks about us (vs 5.) Can you wrap your mind around that? God thinks about you? Longs to be gracious to you. Intentionally blesses you.

He enables us to hear him – to understand and obey him (vs 6.) This leads to a two way relationship with us.

The Lord is merciful to us (vs 11.) David described all of these things while acknowledging that his sins were many (vs 12.)

Whatever you have done. Wherever you have been. When you come to Christ – you are his. And he loves you and is faithful to you (vs 11.)

The Lord is so good.

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