Psalm 38: Encourage Fellow Believers

Psalm 38

“…who boast against me when my foot slips” (vs 16.)

It’s always amazing to me when someone (including myself) acts shocked when someone makes a mistake. As if the claim of Christian is a claim to perfection. In reality, it is exactly the opposite.

To say I am a Christian is to admit that I am nothing apart from Christ. To declare that, in my flesh, I would consistently fail. My heart is deceitful and would lead me astray each and every time.

Yet, we see another brother or sister stumble and we gasp and clutch our pearls. We back away (vs 11) and keep our distance. We question the genuineness of their faith. Perhaps, shame on us, we expected the fall all along and somehow feel good about ourselves that we saw it coming.

Let’s be people who encourage and assume the best. Not those who discourage and expect the worst.

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