Psalm 36: Why I Need Grace

Psalm 36

One of the greatest, godliest men I’ve ever known once said that, in his flesh, he was capable of any sin. Any sin.

When we grasp that truth – it wrecks us in the very best way. Because, only then, do we grasp the magnitude of grace offered to us. Only then do we view those around us as fellow recipients of that grace – no more or less deserving.

Understanding the fallenness of my own flesh makes me read Scripture differently. No longer do I read a passage about “the wicked” and think of that other person. Or skim over it because it “doesn’t apply to me.”

Now, when I read a passage about the wicked – I ask the Lord, “Where have I fallen short in these areas?”

Have I sat in my bed at night and planned trouble (vs 4)? No.

Have I caused trouble with my mouth or failed to act wisely (vs 3)? Absolutely.

It’s why we are all desperately in need of grace.

I would challenge you – the next passage you read about the wicked – look for yourself. It’s pretty eye opening.

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