Psalm 33: People of Praise

Psalm 33

(There is a lot of good stuff in this psalm: the power of praise, the beauty of God’s Word, the wonder of being seen by the Lord, etc. But I wanted to focus on just one aspect to show you a different way of Bible reading / journaling. It’s okay to pick a small portion and meditate. There is no prize for the one who finishes first. But, oh, there are treasures for the ones who take it to heart.)

God’s people should be people of praise. If we are not, then we don’t understand what the Lord has done for us. We don’t grasp the magnitude of the grace we’ve been given. We have forgotten how deep the pit from which we were rescued. If we truly comprehend what Christ has done – our praise will be unstoppable.

• Our praise should be filled with joy (vs 1.)
• Our praise should be directed toward the Lord (vs 1.)
• Our praise is appropriate considering all that the Lord has done (vs 1.)
• Our praise should be filled with gratitude (vs 2.)
• Our praise should be celebratory (vs 2.)
• Our praise should be fresh and new (vs 3.)
• Our praise should be whole hearted and our best effort (vs 3.)
• Our praise should be public – we should be known as people of praise (vs 3.)

There is a contemporary Christian song that says, “No one knows what we’re for – only what we’re against.” If this is true of us, we are known as people of protest and not praise. There is a place for both.

Let someone hear you praise today.

👉 What has the Lord done for you?

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