Psalm 32: Forgiveness and Freedom

Psalm 32

The enemy is an expert at the shame game. Just like in the garden, he wants us to hide from the Lord. And look what happened to David when he attempted to avoid confessing his sin.

👉 Hiding from the Lord

• It ate him up from the inside out (vs 3.)
• His guilt hounded him all day long (vs 3.)
• His heart was heavy and his spirit was weak (vs 4.)
• His sorrows were many (vs 10.)

But, when David acknowledged his sin to the Lord, God did for him what he did for Adam and Eve in the garden. He covered the sin (vs 1, Genesis 3:21.)

👉 Hiding in the Lord

• He was forgiven (vs 1.)
• He was no longer guilty (vs 2.)
• He was hidden from the wicked (vs 7.)
• He was preserved from trouble (vs 7.)
• He was delivered (vs 7.)
• He was surrounded by love (vs 10.)

Our responsibility: confession and repentance

Our reward: forgiveness and freedom

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