Psalm 30: God Changes Things

Psalm 30

God changes things. Look at all the ways the Lord changed David’s circumstances.

• David was down, but the Lord brought him up (vs 1.)
• David was hurting, but the Lord brought him healing (vs 2.)
• David was dying, but the Lord restored him to life (vs 3.)
• David was weeping, but the Lord brought him joy (vs 5.)
• David’s world was shaking, but the Lord kept him secure (vs 7.)
• David was mourning, but the Lord caused him to dance (vs 11.)
• David was grieving, but the Lord brought him gladness (vs 11.)

I don’t pretend to know your current circumstance or present pain. Nor can I see into the future to know when it may end. But, what I do know, is that our God changes things. He brings life where there was death. He brings gladness where the was grief. He brings stability when the whole world seems to be shaken. He brings joy to places where you least expect it.

He is good.

👉 In what ways has God changed your life?

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2 thoughts on “Psalm 30: God Changes Things

  1. My neighbors lost their little 1 year old son due to a tragic accident this past week. I pray they may rely on God to bring them comfort and also joy and gladness someday even in the midst of this terrible loss. They are believers so I pray for the peace that only God can give.


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