Psalm 29: The Voice of the Lord

Psalm 29

Almost two weeks ago, we read Psalm 18. In that psalm, David was describing God’s anger in response to the mistreatment of David and he said, “The Most High uttered his voice.”

That phrase stuck with me for days. What could it possibly sound like for the Most High to utter his voice??

Now, we come to Psalm 29 and David described it in great detail. The voice of the Lord is powerful, majestic and inescapable. Look how it is heard from the Mediterranean Sea (vs 3) to Lebanon (vs 5) to Israel (vs 6-7) and all the way to the temple in Jerusalem (vs 9.)

Make no mistake, when the Most High utters his voice, all will know. Personally, I think it will be the most beautiful sound in the world.

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