The Key to Calm in Chaos

πŸ”‘ What is the key to remaining calm in chaotic times?

β›ˆ How do we remain stable in stormy circumstances?

David said he trusted the Lord without wavering (Psalm 26:1.)

James talked about a person who wavered in their faith. He said that person would be as unsettled as a wave of the sea driven and tossed about by the wind (James 1:6.)

I have felt that way over the last four months – unsettled, tossed about. Maybe I’m not the only one?

Driven, James said, by the wind. In other words, the person isn’t even in control of their own movements. Their uncertainty dictates where they go, how they function, what decisions they make.

That, my friends, is no way to live. Trusting in the Lord is like an anchor during the storm – it holds us in place when the waters are troubled.

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