Psalm 26: Without Wavering

Psalm 26

David lived out his faith. Over and over, he said, “Lord, I’m walking it out.”

He lived with integrity when it came to his actions and his attitudes (vs 1.)

He lived with focus and faithfulness (vs 3.)

He lived with thanksgiving and testimony (vs 6-7.)

But what stood out to me was one bold statement: I have trusted in the Lord without wavering (vs 1.)

I want to trust in the Lord without wavering when I don’t understand. When I’m scared. When my feelings are hurt. When my loved one is ill. When the money is scarce. When people turn away. When dreams don’t come true. When life doesn’t look like I thought it would. When I have to let go. When the future is uncertain. When the world has grown cold. When everyone is angry. When I choose to follow you though the crowd goes a different way.

Not just trust. But without wavering. As determined as Jesus when he “set his face” toward Jerusalem knowing that the cross awaited him. No wavering.

👉 What would it look like for you to trust Jesus without wavering today – in the circumstances you face?

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