Psalm 25: 9 Ways Jesus Makes a Difference in My Everyday Life

Psalm 25

What does it look like for me to live with Jesus as my Lord? How does it practically play out in my day to day existence?

  1. Foes (vs 19-20)

Through his death and resurrection, Jesus delivered me from my greatest enemy – the grave. Death is now rendered powerless.

  1. Forgiveness (vs 18)

I have been forgiven of all my sins – past, present, and future. There is no condemnation for those in Christ.

  1. Freedom (vs 17)

I am no longer a slave to the things that once held me bound – fear, shame, people pleasing, worry, etc.

  1. Feet (vs 15)

I walk securely and in safety knowing the Lord will deliver me from danger.

  1. Focus (vs 15)

I choose to set my gaze (and my mind) on the things of God and not on the things of the world. I choose worship over worry. The Word over the world.

  1. Friendship (vs 14)

I experience the benefits of an intimate relationship with Jesus – his peace, power, protection, presence, etc.

  1. Fear (vs 12)

I live with a reverence and respect for the Lord that is obvious in the way I conduct myself and treat others.

  1. Follow (vs 8-10)

I will choose to follow the Lord wherever he leads knowing that his way is good and right.

  1. Faith (vs 1-3)

In the end, my faith in the Lord will prove to be well placed.

👉 How will you live differently today because Jesus is your Lord?

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