Psalm 24: Awesome and Approachable

Psalm 24

👉 God is awesome.

It’s easy to downplay the awesomeness of God. To treat him casually. To come before him how we want instead of how his holiness dictates.

This psalm reminds us of his awesomeness by calling him Lord of hosts and King of glory. It is a reminder of his magnitude and majesty.

👉 God is approachable.

It’s also easy to forget that God has also made himself available and approachable.

To stand before the Lord, according to this psalm, one must have clean hands, a pure heart, and honest lips. In other words, are my actions, attitudes, and speech toward others right and honorable?

We serve a God who is awesome and approachable. ♥️

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2 thoughts on “Psalm 24: Awesome and Approachable

  1. Hi! I am enjoying your daily bible readings! You have rekindled my love for studying God’s word on my own. Thank you! I have been in the market for a new study bible and loved the extra room you have to make notes. Could you please share what type bible you are using? (I am guessing the pictures are of your own study bible 🙂

    • I am humbled by your kind words. My greatest hope is that people would be inspired to study God’s Word for themselves. My Bible is an ESV Study Bible. I have used the same one for nearly ten years and I love the space it has for notes. Thank you for your kind comment. ❤️

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