Bible Study: Two Questions to Ask

Does your study of the Bible ever seem stale? Maybe, you read it because that’s what you think good Christians do. Perhaps, you’re new to Christianity and the Bible all together, so you read it but don’t “get it.”

If this sounds familiar, I want to encourage you to pray for two things prior to opening your Bible.

  1. 👉That your eyes would be opened.

Luke 24 tells of some encounters people had with Jesus after his resurrection. He walks with a couple guys who don’t know who he is and, then, we are told that “their eyes were opened and they recognized him.” (Luke 24:31) Imagine walking beside Jesus and not recognizing him. We do it all the time. Ask him to open your eyes.

  1. 👉That your mind would be opened.

After his resurrection, Jesus also met with his disciples. He began reminding them of all that he had told them while he was with them and it says, “he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.” (Luke 24:45) Jesus will do that for you. Ask him to open your mind.

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