Psalm 22: From Feelings to Facts

Psalm 22

In Psalm 21, we read all that David knew to be true of God. Now, we see why it was important for him to have that knowledge buried deep within his heart.

David was experiencing great pain and he felt abandoned, alone, and ignored (vs 1-2.) Can’t we all relate?

Sometimes, we feel those things and God can handle our feelings. But when we take those feelings to God and pray through them – we are reminded that our feelings are not facts. The reality was that David was seen, heard, and was not alone (vs 24.)

As David took his concerns to God, we see that his prayer took him from feelings to facts and we see how faith is passed from one generation to the next.

👉 Progression of Prayer

• This is how I feel…yet You (vs 3)
• This is what I’m experiencing…yet You (vs 9)
• This is the enemy I face…but You (vs 19)

👉 Passing of Faith

• I have heard of your faithfulness (vs 4-5.)
• I have experienced your faithfulness (vs 9-10.)
• I will tell of your faithfulness (vs 22, 25, 30-31.)

👉 How has God been faithful to you? Someone needs to hear about it.

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