Psalm 21: The Lord is…

Psalm 21

Here’s the thing. In the middle of a trial is not the time to decide what you believe to be true of God. As we will see in tomorrow’s psalm – our feelings are often in complete opposition to facts.

When my husband and I experienced a particular trying time some years ago, we literally sat on the bed and began to list all that we knew to be true of God. Because, y’all, the enemy will lie to you.

You have to know on the front end…

Before the diagnosis…

Before the betrayal…

Before the job deletion.

You have to know, in your heart, what you know to be true of God. And this psalm gives us a great place to begin filling our hearts and minds with truth.

👉 What is something you know to be true of the Lord?

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2 thoughts on “Psalm 21: The Lord is…

  1. I know what is true for me is that my God will never leave me. I know that He is in total control. And that what ever I face in life I do not face alone for my God has gone before me to pave the way. And that He loves me unconditional even when I do not always love me. I know that His word is truth, I know Him to be my healer, protector. He is my everything. That is what I know about my God.

    Great question for today.

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