Psalm 20: Praying Scripture

Psalm 20

Have you ever struggled to know how to pray for someone? Maybe words just wouldn’t come or the needs were so many. What about your enemies – ever have a hard time praying for them?

I have discovered that my heart is softened toward someone when I begin sincerely praying for them. And, when I don’t know what to say, I find that Scripture is always sufficient. Imagine praying these things over someone:

• May the Lord answer you (vs 1.)
• May the Lord protect you (vs 1.)
• May the Lord help you (vs 2.)
• May the Lord give you favor (vs 3.)
• May the Lord grant your heart’s desire (vs 4.)
• May the Lord answer your prayers (vs 5.)

👉 I also have reworded this prayer and prayed it over my children. I posted that rewording a couple of weeks ago.

👉 Another passage to pray over others is Numbers 6:24-26.

👉 Who are you praying for today?

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