Psalm 19: God’s World and God’s Word

Psalm 19

In times of difficulty, it may feel like God is hiding himself. We saw David describe that very feeling in Psalm 13:1 – “How long will you hide your face from me?”

👉 The Beauty of God’s World

The reality is that God’s glory is blatantly on display everywhere we turn. Every day and every night (vs 2) God is revealing himself to those who care enough to look.

How much of his glory and handiwork (vs 1) do I miss for lack of looking?

👉 The Beauty of God’s Word

God also chooses to reveal himself through his word. David described God’s Word as:

• perfect
• sure
• right
• pure
• clean
• true
• righteous

It offers the one who reads and follows it:

• revival / refreshment
• wisdom
• joy
• enlightenment
• warning
• reward

How much of those things do I miss for lack of looking?

👉 Lord, would you give me eyes that see all the beauty on display in your world and in your Word? Don’t let me miss a thing.

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