Psalm 16: I Choose Jesus

Psalm 16

In every situation we face – in fact, every morning when we arise – we have a choice to make. Do we choose to follow the Lord (vs 5) or do we choose to follow the world (vs 4)?

We make the choice over and over in how we treat other people. How we conduct business. How we respond to hardship. How quickly we forgive. What we are willing to sacrifice. How well we love.

We are constantly choosing the world or the Lord. And there are positive or negative consequences that follow the choosing.

👉 Those who choose the world have sorrows which multiply (vs 4.)

👉 Those who choose the Lord have:
• a refuge vs 1
• good things vs 2
• joy vs 11
• security vs 8
• wisdom vs 7

We will make mistakes. We will choose the wrong thing at times. But His mercies are new every morning and, as long as there is breath in our lungs, we have the option to choose again.

I choose Him.

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