Psalm 14: How to Be What God is Looking For

Psalm 14

David said that the Lord looked down from heaven seeking a certain type of person.

• A person who understands
• A person who seeks him

David then used the opposites of those two characteristics to describe a foolish person.

• A person without knowledge
• A person who doesn’t call upon the Lord

Don’t we want to be the kind of people the Lord is looking down and hoping to see? I certainly do.

👉 How do I gain understanding and knowledge?

I read God’s Word.

👉 How do I seek him and call upon him?

I pray.

God isn’t looking down on us and seeking people who have it all together. Or have all the answers. Or who can fix the world’s problems. Or who never make mistakes. Or who don’t have any baggage.

He is looking for those who spend time in Scripture and in prayer. It’s the only way to gain understanding and to remain grounded in this crazy world.

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