Psalm 12: Two Tricks of the Enemy

Psalm 12

When I read David mourning that all the faithful ones had vanished – I heard hopelessness.

When I read David declaring that everyone was a liar – I heard cynicism.

And, honestly, it made me feel that times haven’t changed all that much and the enemy has been pulling from the same bag of tricks for a really long time.

👉 Hopelessness.

Things are never going to change. This is just the new normal. The sky is falling. There’s nothing we can do.

👉 Cynicism

Everyone is selfish. No one cares about anyone else. Everyone has an agenda, an ulterior motive.

This is how the enemy works. He plants seeds of hopelessness in an attempt to make us turn from our faith. He plants seeds of cynicism in an attempt to make us turn from our fellow man. If we fall for these tricks – we are left alone, exposed, vulnerable.

Let’s not fall for it, friends.

Keep hoping in God. Keep believing in people. Carry on.

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