Psalm 9: Gratitude in the Midst of Grief

Psalm 9

Several months ago, my daughter broke her leg. For several weeks, we were struck by the fact that, up to that point, it had just been a normal day. Isn’t that the way of life? It’s always just a normal day right up until it isn’t.

As I read this psalm, it occurred to me that grief is a huge part of this human existence. David described his current situation as:

•dealing with enemies

Yet, he began his psalm with gratitude:

•in his inner self
•with his words
•as an ongoing state of being
•directed to the Lord

How does one do that? Live grateful while experiencing grief? Only with God:

•who is just
•who is righteous
•who is always and forever on the throne
•who punishes the wicked
•who is upright
•who is a stronghold for the troubled
•who is mindful of his children
•who is attentive to their cries
•who reaches low to lift us up

👉 We are only able to express gratitude in the midst of grief by reminding ourselves of all that is true of God.

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