Psalm 8: Majestic and Mindful

Psalm 8

We grow up singing, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.”

We memorize, “For God so loved the world…”

Both of those statements hold vital truths that we need to know and believe and hold fast. Yet, it’s important to know that God doesn’t look down from heaven and just see “the world” as a whole.

He sees individuals. He sees you and me. David knew that God was intimately acquainted with him and his heart and his pains.

This psalm is a beautiful reminder that God is majestic in all the earth (vs 1, 9) but also mindful of man (vs 4.) God is almighty Creator (vs3) but also caretaker of that creation (vs 4.)

God is powerful enough to still the enemy (vs 2) and personal enough to give man purpose and position within his creation (vs 5-8.)

Wherever you are right at this moment – God sees you. Whatever you are experiencing in this moment – God is aware. That prayer you were barely able to whisper – God heard it.

Your God is mindful of you and cares for you.

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