Filtering Out the Negative Noise

Life just seems so loud these days. It is the anger on the Internet. The drama constantly unfolding on television. The neighbors who can’t get along.

Noise. Noise. Noise.

Do you feel that way too? Do you wish there was a tad less noise in your life? Here are five changes you can make to filter out some of the negative noise.

  1. Begin your day with quiet. I strongly encourage some alone time in the morning. It may only be five minutes, but it will be your five minutes.
  2. Choose better background noise. Those at home sometimes prefer background noise. The default tool is often the television. The television, however, can be full of negative emotions and scenarios. Instead, choose to listen to a podcast, music or audio book.
  3. Choose the better portion. Sometimes, the loudest noise is inside our own heads. We, like Martha, are anxious and troubled about so many things. But Mary chose the better thing to focus on. Choose worship over worry.
  4. Leave the noise behind. There is a great big, beautiful world full of adventure and excitement. It is right outside your door. Go and explore. Step away from the computer. Walk away from the chores. Take your family and leave your phone. Eat ice cream. Sit on a park bench. Enjoy life.
  5. End your day with quiet. Whether your day is full of staff meetings and business lunches or play dates and doctor’s appointments, it is important to end where you began. Take a deep breath. Read a little. Laugh with someone. Drink a little something hot. Dream about tomorrow.

👉 What do you do to add a little peace and quiet to your day?

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