Psalm 4: For the Day of Distress

Psalm 4

So many times, over the last four months, I’ve felt anxious and unsure. What does the future hold? Will people ever feel safe again? Will isolation become the norm?

I don’t know about you but, when my mind begins going those places, my sleep suffers. I am restless. I wake up more tired than when I went to bed.

This psalm gives some clear direction on what to do when we are in distress.

👉 Remember God’s faithfulness in the past (vs1.)

👉 Remember that you belong to the Lord (vs 3.)

👉 Remember to ponder and pause – listen to the Lord (vs 4.)

👉 Remember to trust the Lord (vs 5.)

👉 Remember what the Lord has given – joy, peace, security (vs 7-8.)

Then, when we remember these truths – look at the reward!

In peace, I will BOTH lay down and sleep… verse 8

Not lay down and toss and turn.

Not lay down and worry.

Not lay down and dwell on all the regrets of the past.

Not lay down and wallow in the fear of the future.

I will both lay down and I will sleep.

Yes, Lord.

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2 thoughts on “Psalm 4: For the Day of Distress

  1. We certainly are living in some uncertain times these days. It has caused us all to ask questions. Thank God I know who to go to for answers. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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