Psalm 3: The Master vs The Many

Psalm 3

There are so many voices in the world today. It can be tempting to listen to the loudest or, to be so focused on the loudest voice, that we aren’t listening for the Lord’s voice.

It was the same in David’s day. He was being inundated with the voices of the many.

👉 Many are my foes…
👉 Many are against me…
👉 Many are saying…

But notice how he stopped himself and redirected his thoughts. He reminded himself, “But, You, O Lord…” In a noisy world, we have to regularly redirect our attention away from the many and toward the master.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what “the many” were saying. That there was no salvation in God for David. No help. No hope. No future.

👉 Who does the world say is too far gone? Hopeless? Beyond the reach of grace? Never going to change? Not worth our efforts?

The world, my friends, is wrong.

The Lord declares that “whoever” calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. If there is still breath in their lungs, there is still hope. We can’t give up on people.

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